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  [B]bring out more evils of human nature

  They fear that it hurts their economies, depriving them of
much-needed skilled workers who could have taught at their universities,
worked in their hospitals and come up with clever new products for their
factories to make。


  Section IV   Writing



  The reason for my dissatisfaction is that Ifound the electronic
dictionary can’t reach my satisfaction. In the firstplace, the outlook
is quite different from what it is placed online. Inaddition, the number
of the vocabulary contained in it is too small. I’d liketo buy an
electronic dictionary with a large vocabulary。

  Section III   Translation

  [C]Promote the advance of rights and freedoms

  Yours sincerely,


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  原来的小说中有:those with degrees from elite universities catch up fairly
quickly to where they otherwise would have been if they had graduated in
better times。其“catch up quickly with ”对象是“where they have

  I am writing to express my disappointment regarding the electronic
dictionary that I bought from your on-line store last week, with the
invoice number of ED53407.


  Over time, the attributes of greatness shifted. The Romantics
commemorated the leading painters and authors of their day, stressing
the uniqueness of the artist’s personal experience rather than public
glory. By contrast, the Victorian author Samual Smiles wrote Self-Help
as a catalogue of the worthy lives of engineers , industrialists and
explores . “The valuable examples which they furnish of the power of
self-help, if patient purpose, resolute working and steadfast integrity,
issuing in the formulation of truly noble and many character,
exhibit,”wrote Smiles.”what it is in the power of each to accomplish for
himself”His biographies of James Walt, Richard Arkwright  and Josiah
Wedgwood were held up as beacons to guide the working man through his
difficult life。

  [A]impose a heavier burden on

  在原版的书文中的“those with degrees from elite universities catch up
fairly quickly to where they otherwise would have been if they had
graduated in better times; it is the masses beneath them that are left

  肆陆.【参考译文】发展中国家的芸芸众生为移民忧郁时,他们经常记挂的是距离自身国家去去硅谷或发达国家的卫生院和大学的最杰出、最理解的群落的前景。这一个劳动者便是像大不列颠及英格兰联合王国、加拿大、澳大利亚联邦(Commonwealth of Australia)如此的国家通过授予受过大学老师以特权的移民法想要迷惑的人工产后出血。

  You should write about 100words on ANSERE SHEET 2

  The great recession may be over, but this era of high joblessness is
probably beginning. Before it ends, it will likely change the life
course and character of a generation of young adults. And ultimately, it
is likely to reshape our politics, our culture, and the character of our
society for years。

  I have to complain about the poor quality of the dictionary. For one
thing, the dictionary often automatically turns off at the very moment I
am eager to see the word explanations. For another, it seems loose in
the conjunction part. The screen part can not be properly settled.   

  【解析】此题定位于第一自然段第陆行,重点驾驭词组“turn on its head”
,意思为“to change

  TEXT4: 36.D 37.D 38.B 39.D 40.A




  Part B

  小说中“had improved them in some ways;”;“they had become less
materialistic and more financially prudent; they were more aware of the
struggles of others。”;“At the very least, it has awoken us from our
national fever dream of easy riches and bigger houses, and put a
necessary end to an era of reckless personal

  Part  B

  【解析】此题定位于第陆自然段第壹行,“these epochal
figuresrepresented lives hard to


  Text 4


  【解析】由最终一句可见,“they certainly will reshape

  From the earliest days of the Renaissance, the writing of history
meant recounting the exemplary lives of great men. In 1337, Petrarch
began work on his rambling writing De Viris Illustribus – On Famous Men,
highlighting the virtus (or virtue) of classical heroes. Petrarch
celebrated their greatness in conquering fortune and rising to the top.
This was the biographical tradition which Niccolo Machiavelli turned on
its head. In The Prince, the championed cunning, ruthlessness, and
boldness, rather than virtue, mercy and justice, as the skills of
successful leaders。

  [A]certain ,A选项,确定的。


  Dear Sir or Madam,

  Lots of studies have found that well-educated people from developing
countries  are particularly likely to emigrate .A  big  survey of Indian
households in 2004  found that nearly 40%of emigrants had more than a
high-school  education,compared with around 3.3%of all Indians over the
age of 25.This “brain  drain “has long bothered policymakers in poor
countries ,They fear that it hurts  their economies ,depriving them of
much-needed skilled workers who could have  taught at their universities
,worked in their hospitals and come up with clever new  products for
their factories to make 。

  [C]make profits from the troubled economy



  Suddenly, Britain looks to have fallen out with its favourite
historical form. This could be no more than a passing literary craze,
but it also points to a broader truth about how we now approach the
past: less concerned with learning from forefathers and more interested
in feeling their pain. Today, we want empathy, not inspiration。

  [D]reconsider their lifestyle



  1)make a complaint and


  Such difference may be rooted in the following reasons. First,
middle-aged people face more pressure to support the family, both the
children and the senior, so that they neglect to enjoy in work. Second,
the senior citizens has developed a lot in personality, so they are more
prone to see the optimistic aspects of the work. Last, the conclusion
that the current society patterns pose more challenges to the middle
aged group under 50.

  Section III Translation

  TEXT1: 21. A 22.C 23.A 24.B 25.D

  [B]explore reasons for the unemployment

  C选项与D选项,属于负面选项,纵观全文,内容比较可观且积极,所以负面包车型大巴选项,应该解除,其实那可不通晓,正是假使确实是全负面包车型客车影响,United States老百姓或然就失去活下来的胆量了……


  “Universal history, the history of what man has accomplished in this
world, is at bottom the History of the Great Men who have worked here,”
wrote the Victorian sage Thomas Carlyle. Well, not any more it is not。

  [D]reconsider their lifestyle ,D选项,重新思考他们的时候方式。



  [A] emphasized the virtue of classical heroes。
41. Petrarch [B] highlighted the public glory of the leading artists。
42. Niccolo Machiavellli [C] focused on epochal figures whose lives  were hard to imitate。
43. Samuel Smiles [D] opened up new realms of understanding the great men in history。
44. Thomas Carlyle [E] held that history should be the story of the masses and their record of struggle。
45. Marx and Engels [F] dismissed virtue as unnecessary for successful leaders。
  [G] depicted the worthy lives of engineer industrialists and explorers。


  [D]recover more quickly than the others


  Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter ,Use “zhang wei
“instead 。

  [C]see their life chances as dimmed as the

  原版的书文中有:those with degrees from elite universities catch up fairly
quickly to where they otherwise would have been if they had graduated in
better times。其“catch up quickly with ”对象是“where they have

  Part B


  [B]bring out more evils of human nature


the virtue of classical heroes”




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